ECS 2017 Programme

ECS 2017 Abstract book


Monday, 11.09.2017

The Institute of Psychology/ University of Wroclaw
ul. J. Wł. Dawida 1

Room: AULA


15:00-16:00: Registration of the participants
16:00-18:30: Inauguration of the conference

Inaugurating lectures:

Jacek Gulanowski (Poland), Students of pedagogy and the Standard Social Science Model

Molly Abraham (India), Value Education and Women Empowerment: A Compelling Priority of Christian Educational Institutions in India

Hallgeir Nilsen (Norway),  Self-Paced Learning In an Introductory Programming Course

Kamil Błaszczyński (Poland), Language competences as a factor of academic career development


19.00 Guitar concert of Krzysztof Pełech  (


Tuesday, 12.09.2017

Institute of Psychology of the University of Wrocław

ul. J. Wł. Dawida 1


10.00 İ. Efe Efeoğlu, Ömer Gökhan Ulum (Turkey), The Relationship between Turkish EFL State School Teachers' Cultural Intelligence and their Professional Well-Being

10.15 Bogusława Gosiewska- Turek (Poland), The Interdependence between Attributions and Second Language Attainments in Secondary School Students

10.30 Babu Tharith (India), The Public And The Private Partnership: A Saga Of Success And Challenges In The Educational Landscape Of Kerala

10.45 Agata Słowik (Poland), Teaching listening to older second language learners: classroom implications

11.00 Agata Słowik (Poland), Older adult learners in the foreign language classroom: challenges and possible solutions

11:15 Joanna Krezel, Z. Adam Krezel (Australia), Social influence and student choice of a higher education institution

11.30 Irena Stonkuvienė (Lithuania), Can we measure the uniqueness of school culture?


11.45 Coffee Break


12.15 Sławomir Śliwa (Poland), Challenges to prophylaxis in modern school

12.30 Syed Zafar Abbas (Pakistan), Is Education an Industry?

12:45 Marcelo Gaspar (Portugal), Ari Pikkarainen (Finland), Finportech: Cross-border cooperation and knowledge transfer in engineering design across Europe

13:00 Marcelo Gaspar, Mónia Régio, Margarida Morgado (Portugal), Green-Lean manufacturing: Collaborative content and language integrated learning in an engineering course

13.15   Paulina Kida (Poland), The role of space, activities and skills in outdoor education – using visual methods to explore experience in qualitative research

13.30-13.45 Discussion


Hall 23: CULTURE

10.00 R V M Divakaran (India), Cultural Minorities And The Panoptic Gaze: A Study Of The (Mis)Representation Of Ethnic Minorities In Malayalam Films (On-line presentation)

10.15 Hagai Dagan (Israel), The Cultural Project of Forgetfulness: Baruch Kurzweil and Haim Hazaz

10.30 Udi Lebel (Israel), Stratification of National Bereavement in the Post-Heroic Condition

10.45 Ekaterina Gurina (Russia), Anna Karenina – T. Stoppard vs. L. Tolstoy

11.00 Akvilė Naudžiūnienė (Lithuania), Multicultural teaching and national learning or vice versa? Lithuanian history education and the problematic aspect of ethnic “other”

11.15 Malwina Popiołek (Poland), Facebook as an Information Management Tool –  In Light of the Research Conducted Among Polish Students


11.30 Coffee Break


12.00 Hasan Coşkun (Turkey), Design of Educational Interweaving of Pictures and Words Game in Teaching German

12.15 Saeid Zarghami-Hamrah (Iran), Investigating the status of ICT in education: A philosophical approach

12.30 Anna Brzezińska (Poland), Atmosphere of societal anxiety and representations of the body: The image of man in surrealist works of Vítězslava Nezval in the 20th century interwar period in Bohemia

12.45 Haskerali E.C. (India), The News Culture of Visual Media: Challenges and  Politics  of Narrating News (On-line presentation)

13:00 Zachary Smith (USA), Diversity in the USA: cultural and political consequences

13.15-13:30 Discussion



Hall 24: SOCIETY

10:00 Agnieszka Wieszaczewska (Poland), The Space Of Wrocław In The Context Of ECC 2016 Microgrants Program Realization Research Conclusions

10:15 Magdalena Wiśniewska-Drewniak (Poland), Education in community archives: mission and PR

10:30 Jakub Majkowski (Poland), The road of the Soviet Union to becoming a superpower

10:45 Marit Haldar,  Kjersti Røsvik (Norway), Mothers doing being six year olds. How ethnicity and social class are revealed during home-school correspondence

11:00 Oksana Blashkiv (Poland), The Image of Professor in Ukrainian Contemporary Fiction


11.15 Coffee Break


11:45 Mohammad Hadi Mofatteh (Iran), Islamic Strategy of War and Peace

12.00 Patrycja Karpińska (Poland), Marriage between Translation Studies and Pierre Bourdieu on the translational field, capital and translator’s habitus

12:15 Shivangi Nigam, Niranjana Soperna (India), A Study of the Understated Violence Within Social Contexts Against Adolescent Girls

12:30 Magdalena Rakiej (Poland), The phenomenon of drug addiction among students of pedagogy

12:45 Musthafa Farook  P., Haskerali E.C (India), Appropriated Islam: Hindu-Muslim cultural symbiosis and matriliny among the Mappilas of Kerala (On-line presentation)

13:00 Beata Działa (Poland), Significant life experiences and different types of educational pathway in late adulthood

13.15-13.45 Discussion


13.30-14.30 Lunch


12.30-13.30 Poster Session (hall near the rooms 22-24)

Saeid Zarghami-Hamrah, Parvin Bazghandi (Iran), The nature of physics in anarchism theory: A ground for teaching physics in high schools


Stefanie Greubel (Germany), Child Refugees and their Transition into German Early Childhood Education and Care Systems


Aleksandra Marcinkiewicz-Wilk (Poland), Key competences to Lifelong Learning in Education of Seniors


Hasan Coşkun (Turkey), Language in 25 Steps





14:30 Closing of the conference


15.15 Guided city tour


19.00 Conference Dinner (Inspiracja Plac Solny16)









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